Blade & Soul Cheater, Hacker, Spammer, Bots, Server-Transfer – Die Große Q&A mit den Entwicklern

Blade and Soul Q&ABlade and Soul Freunde aufgepasst! Bei Reddit gab es eine große Fragerunde, wo Spieler den Entwicklern Fragen stellen konnten, die sie brennend interessieren. Es wurden Fragen zu den unterschiedlichsten Themen aufgeworfen und der Staff von NCSoft hat sich bemüht diese auch ordentlich zu beantworten. Hier hab ich nachfolgend für euch eine Auflistung, wo einige der wichtigsten Themen behandelt werden:

Blade & Soul – zukünftige Maßnahmen & Vorgehensweisen

  • Man wird in der Lage sein eigene Kostüme zu entwerfen und diese auch in andere Regionen zu importieren
  • Es wird an einem Server-Transfer-System gearbeitet. Es wird allerdings noch lange dauern bis das auch realisiert wird, da dass jede Menge Arbeit erfordert (zwischen NA – EU wird nicht möglich sein).
  • Es ist noch nichts bekannt, wann die neue Blade & Soul Klasse „Soul-Fighter“ released wird.
  • Man weiß noch nicht, wann es Möglichkeiten für einen Geschlechter- oder Rassentausch geben wird. Dieses Feature ist aber geplant.
  • Blade & Soul Server-Wartung mitten am Tag in der EU? Ja das wird leider so bleiben, da diese Server zeitgleich mit den US-Server gewartet werden.
  • Kommt bald ein Balance Patch, da schon ordentlich PvP betrieben wird und manche Klassen echt im Vorteil sind? Höchstwahrscheinlich später.
  • Wird es bessere Möglichkeiten geben AFK-Spieler in Dungeons zu kicken / Wird es Konsequenzen dafür geben, wenn ein Spieler einfach so die Party verlässt? Es wird gerade daran gearbeitet, nähere Informationen werden folgen.
  • Wieso bleibt der „Daily Dash“ immer gleich? Nachdem man einen Durchgang geschafft hat, wird sich das Spielbrett ändern.
  • Wieso funktioniert der GameGuard so schlecht, da es auf den Servern zahlreiche Manipulationen gibt? NCSoft hat versichert, dass die Blade & Soul Cheater, Hacker, Spammer, Bots durch andere Tools gebannt werden. Erst vor kurzem soll hier ein großer Durchbruch erzielt worden sein und es wurden viele Falschspieler entfernt.

Hier mal der aktuelle Auszug von Reddit – wird laufend aktualisiert

Blade & Soul Question & Answer Übersicht

Question Answer
Hyptronic asks: Any information about EU lags and delays in arena and dungeons? :) We’re aware that some players are experiencing latency while in cross-server arenas and we’re continuing to investigate. by Micah
shit_dickss asks: do you guys plan on making new original costumes or are you just gonna transfer the ones from other regions? Both! by Jonathan
Markerplier asks: Do you have anything planned as to changing the 7 day deletion timer on level 16+ accounts? We are currently working on lowering the character deletion timer from the current 7-day deletion waiting period. by Bethany
VortexMagus asks: Are you all planning on any balance changes, since PvP is so offbeat at the moment? Balance patches are not unique to the NA/EU versions or any other version. by Jonathan
xMydnite asks: Are there any plans on making the HM-levels account wide There are currently no plans to change make Hongmoon levels account-wide… by Jonathan
Puuksu asks: Do we all follow the evil path? The way the story progresses is indeed what was initially the „dark“ path. by Jonathan
BasedPotatoes asks: Have you guys considered making outfits purchased from the hongmoon store account wide? We are working on adding a functionality where you can transfer costumes between characters with a one-time use item which will be available in the Hongmoon Store for both NCoin and Hongmoon Coin. by Nico
maywind asks: What will the level 50 weapon upgrade path be like? True Profane will be able to upgrade to Devil weapon, True Siren will be able to upgrade to True Devil weapon, True Pirate will be able to upgrade to True Breeze (Gale) weapon. **Names not final. by Jonathan
Hot_Chalk asks: Can we get different maintenance times on EU servers? If not, why so? The way our current servers and server management is structured, we need to perform maintenance at the same time. by Bethany
plentalift asks: Gender Swap Service? As far as I know there are no plans to develop a gender swap service, but this could change in the future by Jonathan
Kanuchuu asks: Race Change Service? There are no current plans to offer a race change service, but this could change in the future. by Jonathan
Genasys asks: Why must we wait a year to get our name back after using a name voucher? We are in the process of changing this right now, we will have more info to announce very soon by Jonathan
valraven38 asks: Are there any plans to merge lower population servers or offer server transfers to more populated ones? We are working on server transfer. This is a new feature for Blade & Soul worldwide, so it is taking time to implement but rest assured that it is coming. by Nico
DragonTamer97 asks: In game, party voice chat for NA+EU? there were enough reliable and established third-party voice chat programs around that they should provide a reasonable alternative
Strangerkill2 asks: Is the Arena lag coming from server-server communication being high, or is there another problem? It’s been a difficult issue to troubleshoot as the reports we receive vary between players. We haven’t pinpointed the trouble spot or spots yet by Linda
dead_monster asks: Party leader able to change to master looter without consent of rest of party. We are currently working on a solution for this and should be able to roll it out soon. by Jonathan
dead_monster asks: No penalty for people who overbid and drop party. When this occurs the item actually goes back to the end of the auction queue and players can bid on it again. by Jonathan
dead_monster asks: Inability to kick AFK players. We are currently discussing solutions for this. by Jonathan
dead_monster asks: rewarding positive player behavior? We don’t have any plans for a system like this currently by Jonathan
WangOK asks: Are there plans for the daily dash to be more end game focused? The Daily Dash will continue to evolve and it will change again in the next cycle. ;) by Linda
2acco asks: Will there be an observer function for arena pvp? We are currently in the very early stages of development on this feature by Bethany


Question Answer
SoaringWinds asks: Voice acting for all NPCs? We currently have no plans to add VO for all NPCs but this is something we are considering. by Nico
tortillatophat asks: Are there any plans to make premium membership purchasable with hongmoon coins or any other currency besides NCoins? There are currently no plans to make Premium Membership purchasable with Hongmoon Coins by Jonathan
Hiraethlol asks: Are we getting the pre-nerf version of the Warlock or the post-nerf? Post-nerf! by Jonathan
Hiraethlol asks: Any plans a way to transfer characters between NA and EU? There are no plans to allow cross-region transfers. by Jonathan
Hiraethlol asks: Do you think Western player will have a chance to participate in the next championship? Absolutely… a western player might even win! by Jonathan
Spliddo asks: Do you have plans to make an API for the game? We’ve discussed this with our Web team but we have nothing to announce as of now. by Jonathan
arcalite911 asks: Will we be getting legendary weapons with the spiral labs update? Yes. They will be identical to the Storm weapons from the Korean version. by Jonathan
werdho asks: Will there be official support for using the Japanese/Korean voice packs? Only our language packs will be officially supported– English, French, and German. As noted, you can use the other language packs unofficially. by Linda
XioKenji asks: Will we ever have instant-45/50 scrolls? We don’t have plans in the short-term to sell something like that. by Bethany
Tsulol asks: When do you plan launch the Soul Fighter/Qi Master class? ¯\(ツ)/¯ by Bethany

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